With Safari Resort Beekse Bergen, Libéma is creating a holiday destination that is unique in the Netherlands!

Hilvarenbeek, Tuesday, 9 May 2017 Beekse Bergen is being extended by its owner Libéma with Safari Resort Beekse Bergen, where guests literally experience their holiday among the animals. Creating the Safari Resort Beekse Bergen requires an investment of over €100 million. The resort will be realised in two phases on an area of 42 hectares, where luxury lodges, safari tents and tree huts will be spread over savannahs and woodland areas. Safari Resort Beekse Bergen is expected to welcome its first guests before the summer of 2018. The preparatory activities are already underway.


One-of-a-kind safari experience

At present, Beekse Bergen consists of the Safaripark Beekse Bergen, Speelland Beekse Bergen, Event Center Beekse Bergen and Vakantiepark Beekse Bergen. The new Safari Resort Beekse Bergen is being created on the site of the former Safaricamp Beekse Bergen.

“Waking up among lions, zebras, giraffes and a whole host of other special animals; this is the experience we’ll be offering our guests at Safari Resort Beekse Bergen!” says Dirk Lips, director and majority shareholder of Libéma, which is making the dream of Safari Resort Beekse Bergen a reality. Guests come face to face with the most fascinating animals straight from comfort of their luxury lodge, safari tent or tree hut. They can then set out on the safari by foot, boat, bus or car in Safaripark Beekse Bergen, to discover a whole host of other animals there.


Creation of Safari Resort Beekse Bergen

Safari Resort Beekse Bergen is being realised in two phases. The resort is set to open before the summer of 2018 with 239 accommodations differing in type, size, facilities and theme. A further 186 accommodations will be subsequently added to Safari Resort Beekse Bergen in the second phase.  

Ecological approach

The scenic qualities of the area are paramount to the development of Safari Resort Beekse Bergen. A plan was devised in close collaboration with Stichting Milieufederatie Brabant (Brabant Environmental Defence Foundation) to retain and protect and conserve the area's ecological character and structure. The area’s natural and scenic qualities are essential for maintaining an attractive and recreational climate.

Reinforcing long-stay holidays and employment in Brabant

This project means Libéma is safeguarding the Netherlands’ unique and high-quality day and overnight recreational options. The resort is innovative, and is being constructed sustainably according to the all-electric cradle-to-cradle (C2C) principle. The arrival of the resort will reinforce long-stay holidays and employment in Brabant. The number of direct and indirect jobs will grow by 256 FTEs in phase one, and 158 FTEs in phase two.

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