Car Safari

Do you prefer to take the car on your adventures? You can do that in the Beekse Bergen Safari Park too. Travel through the park at your own pace, enjoying the beautiful views across the plains alive with African animals. Look out for curious giraffes and zebras crossing! And of course... Close the windows, don't feed the animals and above all don't get out of your car.

Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!

Even animals that you wouldn't expect it from can be dangerous. Half way around the exciting car route, you arrive at the Kongo restaurant at the back of the park, where you can get out of your car, and have a snack and a drink while you savour the memories of the zebras, wildebeest, cheetahs and rhinoceros for example, that you've met on the way. But don't forget about the second part of the car safari which includes sable antelopes, lions and giraffes. Please note: You are not allowed to take dogs on the car safari.

Combining the Safaris

Combining different safaris makes for a beastly adventure. Start with an energetic walking tour, get on the bus at the back of the park, followed by a trip on-board the safari boat and finish off the day with another stroll. That way you know that you will meet as much wildlife as possible. All of these safari routes are included in the entry price.