Boat Safari

The most relaxing way to travel on safari is by safari boat. Board one of the boats and let the captain sail you through African waters. The boats 'Livingstone' and 'Stanley' were named after the famous explorers. During the boat journey of around 30 minutes, the ranger on board will point out all sorts of animals that can be seen from the boat. rhinoceros, ring-tailed lemurs and monkeys. The safari boat travels between the Safari restaurant near the entrance and the Congo restaurant on the other side of the park. Once you have arrived at one of these destinations, you can then choose from any of the other possible safaris.

Safari Boat Departure Times

The safari boat leaves at fixed times. 'Stanley' and 'Livingstone' don't operate over the winter season. From 19th of March up to and including 6th of November 2016, you can once again go on a journey of discovery to the heart of Africa. A trip on one of the boats is included your ticket price.

Private Safari Boat

It is also possible to reserve a safari boat for your group exclusively. For a round trip (of about 30 minutes) you pay € 150.00 including the ranger who will tell you everything about the animals that live around and in the water. Call the Reservations Department on 0031 (0)900-0200 (€ 0.35 per call) for more information.

Combining the Safaris

Combining different safaris makes for a beastly adventure. Start with the car safari, get on the bus at the back of the park, followed by a trip on-board the safari boat and finish off the day with a stroll. That way you know that you will meet as much wildlife as possible. All of these safari routes are included in the entry price.