Siberian Tiger

Large Territory

The number of tigers in an area depends on the number of prey that live there. A female tiger has a territory of one hundred to four hundred square kilometres. A male's territory overlaps the territory of a number of females and has a surface area of one thousand to three thousand square kilometres. Tigers mark their territory with urine, excrement and scratch marks. In mating season they meet each other on the edge of their territory. The rest of the time they go through life alone. The young stay with their mother for around two years.

The Tiger as a Pharmacy

There are now only around four hundred Siberian tigers living in the wild. The two biggest threats are poaching and the disappearance of a suitable habitat, in particular because of trees being cut down 'deforestation'. Traditional Asian medicine uses a lot of 'medicines' that contain parts of a tiger's body.

Siberian Tiger

Panthera tigris altaica

  • Habitat: Siberia
  • Food: Mainly eats deer and wild boar
  • Age: Lives to 18 years old
  • Weight: Weighs up to 300 kg
  • Young: Has between 2 and 3 cubs, after a gestation period of 3.5 months
  • Where can I see them?: On the walking safari, car safari and bus safari

Nice to know:

Tigers sometimes catch a large prey such as a deer. Naturally they can't eat it all at once. When their stomach is full, they hide whatever is left of the prey. Then when they are hungry again after a couple of days, they can eat some more of it. Very economical! And easy.