Ring-Tailed Lemur

Ring-tailed lemurs are social animals that live in groups of up to thirty animals. Males and females each have their own hierarchical order. There usually isn't an absolute leader. Ultimately the females are in charge of the males. One of the males has more contact with the females than the others. In mating season, he is allowed to mate with her first.


Rocky areas with shrubbery and few trees, are the natural habitat of the ring-tailed lemur. The undersides of their hands and feet are leathery. This gives the animal a better grip when they are walking across the rocks. The ring-tailed lemur spends almost the entire day looking for food. In doing so, it can travel up to 1 kilometre. At the beginning of the afternoon, it takes a break.

Ring-Tailed Lemur

Lemur catta

  • Habitat: South-West Madagascar
  • Food: fruits, leaves and sometimes insects
  • Age: lives to 20 years old Weight • 3.5 kg
  • Offspring: 1 to 2 pups
  • Gestation Period: 4.5 months
  • Where can I see them?: On the walking safari

Nice to know:

With ring-tailed lemurs, the females have one hierarchical order and the males have a separate order. But the females always have the majority and are always in charge of the males.