Chimpanzees live in groups of 15 to 50 animals. All of the animals in each of these large groups know each other and live together in a large area. However all of the members of the group are rarely together, because most of the time they go around in smaller groups of 2 to 6 animals. If such groups meet each other, they often join up, and then separate again, often in another group formation.

Meat for Special Occasion Dinners

Chimpanzees' food mainly consists of ripe fruit. However the animals do also enjoy a diet of leaves, bark, nuts, seeds and flowers. A small amount of the chimpanzee's diet is made up of animal prey such as termites and ants. They poke thin sticks into the entrance of an ants' or termites' nest. Then they carefully pull it out again. Then they can easily lick off the insects that have walked onto the stick. If Chimpanzees get the chance, they will also eat birds, bush pigs, small antelope or other species of primate. One of these meaty meals is a real feast for chimpanzees. Chimpanzees only hunt a few times a year.


Pan troglodytes

  • Habitat: equatorial forests in Central and West Africa
  • Food: fruit, supplemented with leaves, nuts, bark and stems. But also eats insects
  • Age: Lives to 50 years old
  • Weight: Weighs 45 kg (females) to 55 kg (males)
  • Young: At around three to eight years old, one single infant after a gestation period of eight months
  • Where can I see them?: On the walking safari

Nice to know:

Very clever! In a group of chimpanzees, the boss isn't the strongest man with the biggest muscles. It's the one who is best at 'primate politics', who knows how to make friends that will help him.