When hunting a cheetah runs at about 65 km per hour, but it can run even faster. Even more than one hundred kilometres an hour. It stalks its prey until it is between thirty and fifty metres away. Then it chases after its prey with a short sprint. If it hasn't caught its prey after running for about three hundred metres, it will stop. Once it has caught its prey, it can't be sure of a calm mealtime. Other predators, such as lions and hyenas will grab bits of the catch. That's why it gobbles up the flesh as quickly as possible. 

Different groups
A female will spend a couple of years with her cubs. If the young leave their mother, they will still hang around with each other for a while. Older females or females without cubs often live alone. Males live alone, in twos or threes. Males that live together are often brothers.


Acinonyx jubatus

  • Habitat: African Savannah, Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Food: gazelle, impalas, hares, wildebeest calves and birds
  • Age: Age: lives to around 10 years old, in captivity sometimes up to 15 years old
  • Weight: 40 to 65 kg. Offspring • 3 - 5 (sometimes even 8)
  • Gestation Period: 90 to 95 days
  • Where can I see them?: On the walking safari, car safari and bus safari

Nice to know:

Romantic? Males and females don't live with each other in the wild. They don't live with each other in the Safari Park either. They are just left together for a few minutes to mate. And that's that!